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Empathy is really concentration – focus attention on the interlocutor . It is best to practice it through active listen , by pay real attention to the person with whom we are in dialogue. Although active listen can be learn, its velopment occurs individually (there is no ready recipe for it) by increas one’s own self-awareness and learn to communicate. (Szczepan Jakubowska, Jakubowski: ) The latter consists mainly in try to find the same co for the recipient and the senr of the message . Communication is therefore an important element also in the work of a telemarketer. Nobody says that the consultant has to read the client’s mind, but they should be able to ask the right question that will help solve the problem.

Find an agreement will be the key

Here Admit mistakes It’s not about show incompetence, but about admitt you ma a mistake and draw conclusions. Accord to Paul USA Phone Number List Schoemaker , author of Brilliant Mistakes. Find Success on the Far Si of Failure it is in mistakes that the greatest potential of “genius” lies , the best investments “Genius can appear both before and after mak a mistake: in conditions that can lead to it and show new possibilities SchoemakerTherefore, we often do not want to admit a mistake, try to shift the responsibility to other people, the system, etc.

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A better solution is to admit the mistake

Try to fix it which will give the client constructive participation in the process and thus satisfaction. In conclusion, what is the key to increas customer BTC Database EU trust us the telephone channel? First of all, it seems that you ne to follow the principle of reciprocity (ask yourself what inspires trust in you and try to follow it also in relation to your clients). Do the above points appeal to you? Or would you add someth else to this list? In this article, we will look at professional tools with which we can support our agents and significantly facilitate their work – a ticket system for BOK.

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