Don’t forget to activate this function in Google Analytics


This post may be a bit basic but I’m surprised that many people. Don’t activate the ecommerce function in google analytics for their respective ecommerce websites.

I think it is something that I must highlight in the blog to be used. As a reference for you who are reading this post.

As you know, I require all e-commerce website owners to install google analytics on their respective websites.

This is to make it easier for us to read all website data that may not be read by the facebook pixel and internal analytics provided by your ecommerce platform.

How to activate ecommerce function
So, after installing google analytics, go to admin > all website data > ecommerce settings > enabe ecommerce.

So what is the function of ecommerce in google analytics

By activating this function, google analytics will collect data related to e-commerce such as purchase data, conversion rate, products purchased, order numbers, and so on.

It will make it easier for us to read phone lists the data from where the purchase occurred and what channel the prospect went through before the purchase occurred.

To understand google analytics for ecommerce, I have written an ebook that can be downloaded for free at the link below.

In the US, this phenomenon is common. Many websites focus only on one product, especially at the initial stage. Then with PRODUCT STRATEGY, they add up-sell and cross-sell products one by one into the sales funnel.

We can see an example as follows

In Malaysia, it is known as minisite. But the approach of most minisites is not entirely ecommerce. Minisite usually uses an order form (like onpay & ordersini) or close sale directly on whatsapp.

I highly recommend using single BTC Database EU product ecommerce if you have a “winning product” that has the following characteristics:

Large target market (solves problems (needed) by many people)
There are disruptive characteristics in the product

Ecommerce for single products is quite interesting because we only have 1 product to focus on.

It will make us very expert about the products we sell, easier to understand customers and manage customer expectations.

I have a client who is using ecommerce for a single product using the Shopify platform.

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