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Accord to statistics, as many as % of responnts prefer the telephone solution to the problem as the fastest . On the other hand, % want to talk to a live person for this purpose . This is because the other person inspires more trust than a machine. Therefore, too much automation of customer service can only make them impatient and cause them to withdraw. The call should be rirect to the consultant as soon as possible or the system should inform the interlocutor about the next operational steps ( indicate the hours or days of consultants’ availability). Misinformation is the biggest enemy of relationship build.

Dont wait Gett in touch quickly

The key to success, and of customers think wait a minute is too long .” (Jekimov: ) Of course, this is associat with impatience with the ne to wait for contact with another person. Therefore, try to shorten the wait time for a consultant Tongliao Phone Number List to a minimum. This can be ensur by rirect to another line if a given telemarketer is busy or absent. come back… Toggles are good when the customer is wait to be contact, but it is better to avoid them after the conversation has start. As many as % of responnts react negatively to rirections (Jekimow: ), which is of course associat with impatience and the feel of solv their problem for a long time (why is it tak so long?). Therefore, the ial situation is to return to the same consultant.

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Exist phone systems can be easily integrat

With a CRM system that will enable intelligent communication. Thus, this agent will be able to call back the customer who already knows him or get another BTC Database EU incom call from him. …but don’t ‘harass’ Return calls from the same agent are OK, but don’t confuse this with chronic dial of a given customer’s number. This will be perceiv as harassment and will certainly have a negative impact on trust in the company. To avoid this, you will ne a CRM system again, which will allow you to record information about unwant calls and block contact with the customer.

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