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Summary Is it worth it? If you already run a BOK for several. People – it is finitely worth hav a ticket system. Simple cost calculation: XY COMPANY SI – PEOPLE Option : Option : Employment of more people: Implementation of the BOK ticket system. Labor costs m: thousand. zloty Costs of licenses m: thousand. zloty Equipment of stands: PLN. Implementation cost: PLN . thousand Investment in technologies and automation increases the operational capabilities of current consultants, professionalizes processes and ruces the risks associat with untimely service.

Advantages more efficient customer

Service consultants do not have to remember about. Uumerous requests from customers com from various communication channels – the system “reminds” about the necessary actions at the right time. higher quality of service – the ability to UK Mobile Number List process several requests from one customer inpenntly of each other. No e-mail, chat, web form or telephone conversation will remain unanswer for too long. greater knowlge about customers – a transparent way of present the so-call customer card, history of his requests with tails of their implementation. It enables full personalization of service for each customer. The customer receives an individualiz offer, dicat service and feels fully satisfi.

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Convenient management combin

Reports from different channels into one thread ( when they concern the same topic). Possibility of assign notifications to appropriate persons or groups and monitor their implementation. fects: the ne for implementation – the ne to engage in technical BTC Database EU aspects and the additional cost of implementation the ne for adoption – learn a new system and way of work takes time Increas website conversion is the task of every marketer. But how to ensure more rirects or purchases? We try to answer this question in the next article. Responnts were will to Try to answer this question, we have prepar a short gui that will allow you to take care of relationships already at the telephone conversation level. It is enough to follow a few simple rules. Earn the customer’s trust through.

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