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How to adapt this strategy to the B B market? Target promotional offers only to regular customers who already know your products. By offering them personaliz discounts on Black Friday, you can not only increase the value of their shopping cart, but also improve business relationships strengthen loyalty to your brand. It is also a good opportunity to activate passive customers remind those who buy from you occasionally. Instead of burning your budget for PPC advertising during such a hot period as Black Week, use your own promotion channels. A cheap effective way to offer personaliz discounts in B B can be, for example, a newsletter. . Limit offers Price manipulations on Black Friday may not bring positive effects in your industry for many reasons.

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In such a situation, it is not worth copying , that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the shopping frenzy. Limit availability is one of the most popular sales triggers. It evokes intense emotions in customers (such as a sense of urgency or FOMO), which are strong incentives to buy. How to adapt this strategy to the B B market? Create a limit Portugal Mobile Number List offer that doesn’t focus on price. Find non-price add value that will increase the attractiveness of the product in the eyes of your customers. Think about what are the biggest shopping barriers? What causes cart abandonment? Perhaps customers openly report that they are missing some additional service relat to your product.

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Collect this knowlge use it to create a  be pass by indifferently. Good relations with customers are the basis in B B. Therefore, a limit Black Friday offer should really have time and/or quantity limits. Fraudulent listings will increase sales in BTC Database EU the short term, but in the long run your customers may feel cheat. . Affiliate Programs Affiliate programs are very popular in e-commerce. Probably because it’s a win-win situation for everyone involv. If you have no ia for your own Black Friday promotional campaign, you can consir joining the campaign run by one of your business partners or initiate it yourself. How to adapt this strategy to the  market? Prepare a personaliz offer that connects to the partner company’s products or services.

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