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Case study of the implementation of a ticket system in the BOK partment ? Ticketing and Workflow Systems for Companies Managers of BOK, the Service partment, often struggle with staffing problems, lack of effective tools for monitoring time and quality of work perform. However, technology comes to the rescue… Sign up for a free mo SOLUTION Simultaneous solution to three problems was possible thanks to the implementation of Focus Contact Center – comprehensive software that improves communication with clients, contains a database with convenient and automat access for consultants, and has monitoring and reporting tools. The implementation of the entire system, including the transfer of telephone numbers and tests, took less than weeks.

The short implementation time was possible

Thanks to the use of the digital cloud mol in which the Focus Contact Center solution is liver. Focus Contact Center functions us: virtual telephone exchange , voice menu (IVR), call queuing , central database , recordings of conversations with all China Mobile Number List external entities (customers and business partners) and months of their archiving, monitoring of ongoing and waiting calls, as well as statistics of call queues, work readiness monitoring system, reporting system. EFFECTS The Focus Contact Center platform was implement in August , which greatly facilitat the contact of customers with the company, the spe of service and work efficiency were also improv. One of the most important benefits of implementing the system is the ability to termine the strengths and weaknesses.

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The service and communication bottlenecks

Tail reports give knowlge about which elements of sales and service achieve the assum goals and which ne improvement. The main areas of the company’s activities that have been improv thanks to the implementation of the platform: . Easier BTC Database EU customer contact with the company full capacity of the telephone channel – no restrictions on the number of incoming and outgoing calls, shortening the waiting time for a connection – % of customers who call the company reach it in less than seconds, higher customer satisfaction – positive customer opinions, a significant ruction in the number of comments submitt, callback – thanks to the register in the system of each contact attempt, consultants can call back customers who have given up while waiting.

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