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This will allow you to focus on mak calls at this time. And use the remain time for administration or team meets, for example. . In the case of hotlines, customer service offices, hotel reservation partments or registration in mical facilities. Where calls are usually receiv, you will intify peak and quiet periods. Know, for example, that on Fridays the. Phones go off and noth happens on Tuesdays, you will adjust the work schule of your people and use their time effectively. And your money. By see the statistics of conversations of individual employees, you will immiately know which is the most and which is the least effective. Who calls a lot, but it doesn’t mean much. Who spends a lot of time talk to customers, or who answers incom calls the least often.

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React appropriately, praise or call “on the carpet. Or intify another problem, for example with the incorrect sett of incom call separation. Which leads to the next point . You will improve the service scenario in the company . By observ the Taiwan Mobile Number List statistics of phone calls in the company, you will see the weak points of the. Customer path and eliminate them. Maybe the IVR preview is too long, or customers have too many options to choose from ( see this article for quick ias to improve IVR ), or maybe some partment has too many connections and you should improve rirects? . Find out if you have the right number of employees to handle the phones.

Phone Number List

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Can’t keep up with answer and call, it will be a clear signal that you ne new people. . By analyz the effectiveness of the numbers you present yourself with, you will check which ones have the best results and which ones do not work at all. This will BTC Database EU allow you to react – add new numbers, change the presentation or refine the exist one . You can read more about us. The number presentation to your advantage in this article . Focus PBX – easy insight into the statistics of phone calls in the company In the virtual PBX Focus PBX you have easy access to all statistics of incom and outgo calls, aggregat and broken down by time period and individual employees.

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