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An AI-powered calendar system called Clockwise optimizes team schedules to free up more time for useful work. It takes personal preferences and productivity trends into account to create the best daily plans, allowing everyone to work at their peak.

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With over 200,000 Google Calendar users and upcoming support for Microsoft 365, Clockwise has grown in popularity.

Users now b2b phone lists  have access to over 4 million additional hours of focus time. In particular, more than 15,000 businesses trust Clockwise, including well-known companies like Amplitude, Asana, Atlassian, Etsy, Fige, Uber, Zoom, ore.

Users now have access to

The Free Plan costs $0 USD per user per month and includes access to a smart calendar assistant that automatically determines the best time for tasks.

The Teams BTC Database EU  Plan costs USD 6.75 per user per month (paid annually) and includes all free plan features plus the option to schedule meetings for Focus Time without break

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