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Promotion in social networks mia campaigns increase the popularity of your site the cribility of it. If a user has already encounter your br before then he is much more likely to make a purchase by going through any channel to the site. Integration of an online store with C how it works Content What tasks should integration with C solve What you ne for successful integration How do we do it It may seem that e-commerce is very simple we launch a website or even go to the marketplace put up a product catalog on the network wait for the flow of orders. But this simplicity is deceptive in fact any little thing can disrupt the purchase scare the user away for a long time. One of the most annoying situations for the buyer is the disconnection of the online catalog from reality.

You yourself have probably come across

This find the product you ne at a nice price place an order. A few hours later the store manager calls you explains that this product is not currently available. There is another better read – more expensive. A brisk trade is impossible without an alluring showcase. In an online store the “showcase” is the catalog if it is not as transparent convenient as possible South Africa Phone Number List the buyer will quickly go shopping to competitors. It is impossible to maintain a catalog on the site manually. To do this stores are integrat with digital accounting tools The like. Technologically such a merger today is nothing complicat box CRM-systems allow for full-time integration with uploading the product range to the store.

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But even here lot of questions arise

What if your store has a huge catalog of tens of thouss of items Will it be possible to break this catalog into categories taking into account the specifics of your product Or keep records of individual warehouses stores when it comes to a large retail BTC Database EU chain finally how quickly efficiently will all this work In fact the high-quality integration of databases from C to the site is always a laborious creative task. What tasks should integration with C solve What tasks should integration with C solve Ideally the integration should automatically display product balances on the site quickly update prices track orders personalize work with regular customers The product catalog should be upload to the site directly from C updat in real time.

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