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Regulation is to be ensur by the possibility of impos. Severe financial sanctions by the supervisory authority competent in the field of personal data protection. The amount of penalties indicat in the ePrivacy provisions is intend to act as a terrent. Against breach the provisions of the regulation, but also to ensure that the entity that committ the breach. Does not commit it again in the future. For entities that will have to comply with the new regulation, financial sanctions should be an impulse to analyze whether their practices are compliant with the EU regulation.” You already know the main assumptions of the draft ePrivacy regulation, you know what it concerns, what issues it als with in tail, and what threatens you if you break its provisions.

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To this series of articles , we will update the. Information as the project progresses. In the next article, we will return to the GDPRGDPR regulation and. Examine it in a similarly meticulous way as the ePrivacy project. The GDPRGDPR regulation South Africa Mobile Number List applies to personal data, their process and protection in a wi scope. However, together with it, the regulation protect privacy and personal data in electronic mia – the so-call ePrivacy. The ePrivacy Regulation epens, extends and complements the general provisions of the GDPR in the field of personal data function on the web. After the introduction to the GDPR (which you can read here ), we will go for a moment.

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Regulation the so-call ePrivacy. In orr for the information provid to be reliable, we ask Joanna Swaryczewska- from the law firm Porębski i Wspólnicy for a guest entry and an extensive commentary consultancy in the field of personal data BTC Database EU protection. Joanna Swaryczewska-, attorney at Porębski & Partners ePrivacy Regulation – ) General information The draft regulation on the respect for private life and the protection of personal data in electronic communications – call ePrivacy – was publish by the European Commission on January , . The provisions of the ePrivacy Regulation tail and complement the general provisions on the protection.

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