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Ially they are built into the call contact center system and can be configur pending on the product or campaign (a different script for complaints, another for sales. And another for surveys). Thanks to the script, you can be sure that your employees will say what nes to be said. Provi appropriate information – for example, about the terms of remote. Conclusion of contracts – and collect all necessary data from the client. And they won’t forget anything. Corresponnce templates in text channels. Will serve exactly the same purpose – instead of constantly inventing what to write and remembering everything, the consultant will use an appropriate template in which everything is already there.

Gamification and work results

We have written about gamification before. And now we would like to focus on its relationship with work monitoring in a call contact center. Well, thanks to Honduras Mobile Number List gamification, the statistics you control. Become part of the game – tracking them has a dimension of competition and rewards for employees. They themselves will want the parameters at stake to be display on the wallboard and will compete in achieving results. In this way, you can, for example, subtly steer their work: give rewards for doing dislik activities that usually wait until.

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Take care of them. This is what we did in our velopment partment at Focus Telecom – certain programming activities were always put off until the end and thus could lay the entire software velopment process. After applying. Gamification BTC Database EU and awarding points for their performance – the problem of lays disappear. Bet on transparency in monitoring work You can’t escape from monitoring call contact center employees – you pay them to do a certain job and therefore you ne to know if they are doing it. Tell employees directly what kind of monitoring you use. What you use it for (you monitor results, not employees), why it results and what rights they have, and above all, show them what benefits they will get from it.

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