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Which ones can’t reach the salon I don’t feel well serv has a sense of anonymity, the client is not recogniz and serv individually by us waits a long time for service in various communication channels – for example, if he sends an email, he has a 50% chance of getting a response. But when? How are we losing customers ? We are losing potential and existing customers faster than we think! According to the Harvard Business Review, an automotive salesperson has 10 minutes to respond in orr to maintain a high chance of a sale. 22% of showrooms (out of 359 lost ones) receiv average and poor ratings for the quality of customer service in the Great Test of Showrooms 2019 “Auto Świat”.

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Industry Association shows that of companies from the automotive sector claim that they offer customer support to a greater extent than before and Iceland Mobile Number List focus on better communication. It makes you think. It is therefore the aler’s responsibility to ensure quick contact with the customer and proactive contact regarding the services ne in accordance with the customer’s life cycle (service, insurance, car purchase). So let’s go back to BDC. How is the BDC suppos to help the aler al with these responsibilities.

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How did it happen, I don’t know”, a mess in the living room We already know what problems customers report and what they ne. What’s going on in our salon? Most often,  (usually on mobile phones) communication with customers have BTC Database EU other tasks to perform at the same time, for example, handling inquiries relat to the service. Communication gets messy: Errors in service creep in due to the lack of access to knowlge about the client from various communication channels there is no control over the quality of service and the customer acquisition process has no control over.

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