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You can set up impressions using a campaign on the Display Network social networks or by directly agreeing on placement with the owner of the site channel or page on the social network. We put video advertising in a separate category since this method of promoting commercial sites has a number of unique properties Video content has a huge degree of engagement it is the most interesting for users therefore it is great for conveying important information to the audience. Video has proven to be the best way to create a positive br image. Useful or entertaining information present in video format is of value to the audience in itself.

Aggregator sites immiately after the launch

Often commercials cause a viral effect are distribut by users on their own. The main disadvantage of the video format is that it will take a lot of work time finances to create it. To shoot a high-quality most importantly interesting video you will ne the Uganda Phone Number List services of a professional cameraman itor screenwriter other specialists. Now let’s talk about display methods. By setting up video impressions on Display Networks social networks you can accurately set audience criteria. In this case the budget is distribut more efficiently since the ads are seen by those to whom they are intend. But there is one but.

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Possible too intrusive impressions

Such ads are often skipp if  can cause negative. With direct placement the video is plac in the fe as a separate post or integrat into the influencer’s video. This format tends to be better accept by users but most often you pay for a flat rate or for impressions BTC Database EU rather than for clicks on an ad. Adding an online store site to price aggregators Placing goods in price aggregators will also help attract additional purchases. This channel does not bring too many customers but it does not require financial costs either. Therefore it is worth placing goods on  of an online store.

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