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Important not only to get into the target audience but also to be able to interest it. The main advantages of advertising in the Display Network a huge selection of formats which allows you to quickly attract attention using visual images; effective expansion of online store awareness; relatively low cost; less dependence on the influence of competitors. The main disadvantage of Display Network ads is that they are susceptible to banner blindness. This is a Internet users simply stop noticing ads. To attract attention you will have to show maximum creativity when creating ads. Internet users are also increasingly using browser extensions that block ads. This significantly ruces the reach of ads.

Here are some examples of advertising

Campaign in the Display Network Display banner advertising Remarketing Retargeting Among the different types of impressions in the Display Network it is worth talking about remarketing separately. With it you set up impressions for users who Turkey Phone Number List have already visit the site have shown interest in a particular type of product. After leaving the online store he will see your ads on other sites. They work as a reminder bringing back some of the potential buyers. Remarketing ad impressions occur after a user has taken a certain action that you choose when setting up a campaign visit the category page or product card; compar two commodity items; add a purchase to the cart but left the site.

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This tool is very effective for increasing

Conversion to purchase fighting abon carts. Promotion of an online store using SEO Promotion in organic search is the main channel for attracting customers for online stores that have been in existence for at least a year. Why is that The thing is that BTC Database EU search engines are distrustful of young Internet resources. Only the creat site is in the so-call sbox it does not receive high positions in the SERP therefore no traffic from there. After months positions gradually begin to grow. But this does not mean at all that optimization should be done only after leaving the sbox.

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