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Two simple contact center functions and they br visible effects in telemarket and bt collection . Of course, in parallel with the use of these functionalities, you should remember about what to do next . how we will behave if a potential customer answers the call and how we will use this opportunity . But that’s a separate topic. Call center monitor, or in other words, measur the quality and efficiency of work of individual consultants, their teams and entire call center partments, is a necessity when a company strives to constantly improve, or even maintain, the achiev level of efficiency . Which metrics are most commonly us in telephone communication with customers? Let’s start with the finition.

Key Performance Indicators

Quote Wikipia’s finition. Financial and nonfinancial indicators us as measures in the processes of measur the gree of achievement of the organization’s goals. Indicators us in call center monitor can be divid into four categories Fig. Four categories of key Peru Mobile Number List performance indicators in call center monitor quality and availability of service for inbound traffic, . hotlines, customer service. efficiency relat to profitability for outbound traffic, . telesales, information campaigns, bt collection, lead generation, arrang meets, telephone surveys. efficiency – both for incom and outgo calls close monitor of the call center cost for incom and outgo traffic.

Phone Number List

Within each category,many different

Indicators have been velop and, pend on business goals, industry, local habits, team size and other criteria, each company selects them individually. Below we will present some indicators that are most commonly us. We also provi the English names BTC Database EU of indicators that have already become quite well establish in the monitor of Polish call centers. Contents . Service quality and availability (inbound) . Efficiency and profitability (outbound) . Performance (inbound and outbound) Cost . Service quality and availability (inbound) a) quality of service First Call Resolution.

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