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Another option is to rirect calls between sks, and thanks to queu, the first free employee will answer the phone. A very important function is the monitor of hotlines and queues. It allows access to information about the number of wait and wait time, which is useful when prepar statistics or summaries. Monitor the work of agents is also very important , thanks to which we know how many calls a given consultant ma, how many of them were answer and how many were not. By monitor the PBX, you can rirect a call to another agent, increase bandwidth for new calls, and set forward priorities.

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Often traditional switchboards that have car showrooms are operat by external companies, which involves incurr service fees, which are includ in the cost of the service. A dicat solution can be access from a web browser, which not only spes up List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu and improves the process of control, management and communication, but also allows you to ruce expenses. What’s more, the intuitive user panel makes this operation easier and accessible to everyone. Customer service at a car alership usually also requires automatic number authorization.

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Thanks to it, a customer who calls the salon with a , which means that the call goes to a specific, dicat sales representative or service employee with whom he previously spoke. This solution shortens the wait time at the helpline and allows you to talk to a person BTC Database EU familiar with the problem – which, accord to the customers, is often lack. In addition, the ne to make several calls, too frequent switch between consultants or long waits make contact difficult, which is a frequent reason for resign from cooperation. All these elements serve to ensure that customer service at the car alership is optimal and ensures greater profits.

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