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Below we present a case study of the implementation of. The system in an AutoGT car showroom.Auto GT is an authoriz aler of. Mitsubishi Motors and Hyundai . The offer of the showroom is very wi, it inclus not only a mechanical service, but also a body and. Paint partment, a us car partment and a spare parts partment. In addition, Auto GT als with fleet sales as well as. Financ and insurance. The high competitiveness of the market means that efficient. Communication with customers and the highest possible -hour call rate are crucial for the salon. In this way. BOK consultant or an employee of a morn call center can perform their work outsi the office without any obstacles and the quality of the tasks perform will not suffer.

Manag communication processes is difficult

To achieve this goal is necessary to know. About the actual traffic of calls – how many of them are receiv, how many are “escap”, what is the customer’s wait time, who answers the phone, etc. Without such information, . A traditional, stationary Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List exchange did not offer easy access to this type of knowlge. In addition, there is. Often no possibility of record calls, monitor or flexible communication management, the option of it the IVR, necessary due to the specificity of the car alership.Especially for young professionals. If consultants mainly ne to answer and make phone calls, the Focus Mobile mobile application will come to their aid.

Phone Number List

Customer service in a car showroom

In new quality In orr to improve communication. The store cid to look for a solution that would replace the traditional exchange, without exce the current level of costs relat to telecommunications services in the company. The key aspects were: increas BTC Database EU knowlge about incom calls and customer service by consultants, improv the answerability of incom calls, lower failure rate, dicat technical support connection security, easily itable voice announcements, for promotional campaigns. Excellent customer service at the car alership with Focus Contact Center Implementation of.

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