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Information for the Citizen” is one of the activities carri out unr the “Citizen” initiative. The hotline was creat and operates on the Focus Contact Center communication platform . Below we scribe each stage of its creation and operation, starting with the motive that initiat its creation. PROBLEM The driving force behind the organization of a system facilitating citizens’ contact with offices and gaining access to information on public services provid was the increase in the level of trust in public administration. The factors influencing the assessment of the administration by citizens inclu the method of communication and service standards.

The Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Has velop the following solution to the problem. Common for offices, easily accessible to citizens, a central source of knowlge about Henan Mobile Phone Number List official procures, the “Information for a Citizen” hotline. Helpline consultants are properly train in  methods – in conversations with citizens they use everyday language and not the so-call “official language”. The information system of the helpline is coupl with a knowlge base to which consultants have access. In addition, if a citizen wants to know tail information about a given service, the consultant can rirect the call to the appropriate ministry or voivodship office.

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The main public services and communication

The first nearly -week-long stage of the helpline. Implementation was linking the Focus Contact Center system for consultants with an extensive. Knowlge base on public services. The assumptions guiding the creation of the knowlge base were BTC Database EU inxing. Transparency, easy access for consultants and simple updating. The next two weeks cover the creation of the. Telecommunications structure and the integration of the Focus Contact. Center platform with computer systems us in government administration offices where the hotline was launch. Most contacts are relat to technical security systems, but some come from potential customers or from existing business customers who want to change the mol of cooperation.

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