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Gjirafa Lab is also doing an extraordinary job in supporting young entrepreneurs in Kosovo.With the initiative of the leading company in the Kosovar market, support by USAID, with a large number of mentors, Gjirafa Lab offers the space, connections, mentoring financial support for ias with a primary focus in the field of technology.Even the stunts themselves have an entrepreneurship center dicat to them, Venture UP.It serves as a bridge between higher ucation the economy offers support to stunt entrepreneurs through its incubator. A key point of Venture UP’s mission is to prepare stunts for the labor market.

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Start-up businesses With the youngest population in Europe its. Potential to contribute to economic velopment through entrepreneurship, from the Government of Kosovo establish the Ministry of Innovation Entrepreneurship.It offers support to small mium-siz enterprises through grants has partnerships with other actors who have the Malaysia Phone Number List same mission.When it comes to social enterprises “green” ias, the Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) is always in the center of attention, contributing through grants opportunities, with the mission of engaging civil society for the benefit of the community.The biggest contributor to the organization of competitions that aim to challenge ucate young people in the field of technology entrepreneurship is Innovation Center Kosovo. Any young person who has a business ia can apply to the incubation program.

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Embassies are also providing supportpetitions are open every year for the acceptance of business ias, with a primary focus on the technology sector.In addition to these opportunities, trainings are also held every year for the personal velopment of young BTC Database EU people, for professional skills their preparation for the labor market.The article was previously publish on page of issue of Business Magazine Albania . You Can Browse Here no. of her.Some of the most successful startups Incspite the prestigious advancements of the internet technology in the world, web content in the Albanian language is still very poor. trainings workshops that push stunts to get out of their comfort zone challenge themselves in a variety of fields projectspetitions taking place.

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