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However it is worth consir the implementation of a teleconferenc tool that guarantees security, as well as access only by phone. In the situation we find ourselves in, business is much more fragile and vulnerable, so security should be our priority. Attacks happen even in large companies last week the CCC company, which experienc a hacker attack on a strategic vio conference call , in which key data for the company was exchang, was painfully convinc of this last week . Imagine such an attack dur a meet with key partners or clients. The consequences can be catastrophic. This example highlights the ne to ensure the highest level of security. Documents shar dur virtual meets often contain data, the disclosure of which can be fatal for the company.

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Loss it is also a very important matter of damag the good image of the company. Hack or troll attacks are just one of the problems we can experience if our virtual meets are not properly secur. Often, data leaks or privacy violations also occur from within South Africa Mobile Number List the company. Employees often completely unknowly lead to a data leak simply by not follow the set security instructions or not know them. Which is not difficult, especially when a vioconferenc solution was select and implement quickly, along with other tools for remote work , after  social distance due to the spread of coronavirus.

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Situations such as the one CCC has recently experienc will certainly be more in the near future. So how to protect yourself from this? Below we scribe several ways that will allow us to protect ourselves against data leakage dur teleconferences or BTC Database EU vioconferences. But above all, we encourage you to choose a professional tool. This is not the time to use free solutions that do not provi any security guarantees. Conference security Secure access with a co The velopment of teleconferenc tools allows you to manage group interactions, even those involv the participation of many people for example, several hundr such possibilities are provid by some teleconferenc solutions.

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