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Meets without agendas often end in chaos and forgett about ths that should have been discuss Who participates in the teleconference Create a list of participants (only people who are actually necessary to discuss a given topic) and check the availability of key people on the plann. date of the teleconference (possibly adjust the date to the possibilities). NOTE Respect the participants’ time in the case of longer meets. termine in advance whose presence is necessary for which part of the meet. Specify the exact start time of the next parts for which more people will check in termin the parameters. of the teleconference That is, for example.

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Calls the participants, the socall dialin, or the participants to the organizer, the socall dialout, and whether you will use the Internet teleconference options), the ne for foreign telephone numbers, record and the gree of security . pend on the Uganda Mobile Number List service provir, it is enough to select the appropriate. options in the panel on the website, or you will ne to contact the service provir by email Send invitations to a teleconference Send invitations to attenes that will. inclu the follow purpose of the meet agenda start date. and time – if people from different time zones. are to participate in the teleconference, it is worth provid meet times separately for each. zone ( Chicago , New York , Dakar , Madrid , Kiev , lhi ) plann duration. of the teleconference phone number and access PIN to.

Phone Number List

The conference room dialin version

Contact to the person who will solve any problems with the connection plann list of participants information about participants , if the meet is attend by strangers ( Janina Nowak, head of sales at Y company, in the household appliances industry BTC Database EU for years). materials that participants should read before the meet ( the strategy of introduc the X brand to the Hawaiian market) Check conference call confirmations and remind The day before the conference call, check that all participants have confirm their participation. On the day of the conference call, send a meet reminr by email or text in the morn. How to prepare an effective teleconference place and telephone the place where you will be conduct the teleconference.

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