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In which structure will it be easier for us to make changes? This is the difference between monoliths microservices. For business users, monoliths are associat with, among others: the ne to reinstall the entire application in the event of any, even the smallest, change, which leads to temporary unavailability for the user; inability to scale individual system components, which is associat with the risk of overloading and, again, unavailability for the end user; often the lack of scalability is associat with higher maintenance costs; rucing the possibility of implementing new technologies due to the costs amount of work on the part of the technological partner; greater pennce of the company on the service provir; much more difficult integration with external systems API. Of course, this does not mean that monoliths have only disadvantages.

They are relatively good solution

When the business is just starting we only ne one central system. It is worth recalling that companies such as Twitter, Linkin, Netflix Amazon start with a monolith. Only when they began to offer more services velop rapidly did they switch to Singapore Mobile Number List microservices, which are much more flexible. Microservices eliminate technological bt In a survey conduct by the consulting company McKinsey, IT managers estimat that up to percent. of the budget allocat to technologies (therefore also innovations) is spent on solving the problems generat by digital bt. Firms repay such bt by either completely replacing the system or gradually rebuilding it. Microservices architecture works in both cases.

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It allows for a fairly simple transition

Other environments the creation of new, scalable resilient systems. Tech bt. Digital life beyond your means DOWNLOAD THE REPORT A solution not only for the biggest players According to Statista, in , % of large organizations were already using microservices, % plann to introduce them in the future. As I mention earlier, this solution is us by the BTC Database EU biggest players such as Netflix, Linkin Twitter. This does not mean, however, that microservices are an attractive solution only for large companies. They can be us by any company that plans velopment wants a flexible solution, avoiding complete pennce on the vendor. We have recently implement a transactional service for our client – NN Investment Partners – one of the leading investment fund companies in Poland.

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