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Another important feature is the disconnect option, which allows you to disconnect unwant participants or block access to teleconferences for intrurs. At the moment, the vast majority of office workers perform their duties remotely, even if they did not have such an opportunity before. In many cases, it may turn out that such a solution brs profits relat to savs and better organization in the long run. After the quarantine crisis, the company will remain arm with a safe, economical and professional solution that will also work when remote work is no longer a necessity. The use of artificial intelligence mols in the area of ​​business processes is the next step in the digital transformation.

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The com years, especially in the light of market transformations relat to the coronavirus panmic . In the business reality, we already have tools capable of process data in an intelligent way and tect patterns similar in mean that occur in this data. And Slovenia Mobile Number List such tools are more and more sought after and sir, especially by companies that, for example, through customer service and handl requests, collect large amounts of data and are not able to process it so quickly as to maintain high standards of service. The current crisis in some industries has caus a great increase in the flow of data between customers and companies, the burn of which has fallen on the customer service offices, unprepar to handle the increas number of inquiries in a short time.

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These customer service processes ? Before we answer this question – a few words about the creation of this tool. The genesis of the creation of tools us artificial intelligence It is worth start the story with an introduction to the terms Natural Language BTC Database EU Unrstand (NLU) and Natural Language Programm (NLP not to be confus with neuroluistic programm!) in the field of broadly unrstood artificial intelligence (AI). Regardless of what principle they are bas on, their function is simple and consists in unrstandprocess what a person writesspeaks in natural language (natural for him, spoken freely) and translat into a language unrstandable by machines computer programs.

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