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Fly Serviceman The service worker who receives customer requests through the company’s call center, or in the worst case, directly, is limit to answer calls on his mobile phone. Since it operates most of the time in the field, it does not have any additional information about customers and their interaction history. And as long as he is out of the office, no one in the company knows what stage he is at. He has no access to reports of his activities and has no control over them. The Focus Mobile mobile application provis not only control of the situation from the point of view of the company office and reports on activities. First of all, it gives the service technician remote access to the company’s contact center system and allows for a faster response to the request.

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Ticket and provis a better service thanks to the knowlge of previous interactions with the customer. And in the case of repeat reports, this can be crucial information for the service technician. Terrain trar In the field, the salesman is, of course, like every List of Mobile Phone Numbers field worker, alone here and now with his knowlge and skills. As a result, he is also left alone with his old problems. Great time pressure, “los” leads provid by the office, forgett about appointments and set callbacks. And also, like all of our above-mention field employees, he does not have access to knowlge about the client and the history of his interactions with the company.

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Technology can help him The Focus

Mobile application will allow the salesperson to remotely use the office platform for multi-channel communication. Thanks to such an application, a salesman work or simply stay outsi the office can make outgo and incom calls us his mobile number, and BTC Database EU the data from his calls goes to a virtual call center. Us the application can help the trar achieve the goals set before him. This is because it enforces discipline, motivates to action and makes achievable goals visible not only to himself, but also to his superiors. Successes too, and maybe above all! The application makes sure that the trar does not miss any contact from the client.

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