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This is a function thanks to which the customer who calls us. Receives an individual voice announcement and can be direct directly to the partment that will solve his problem. IVR is the follow facilities: – call forward if all lines are busy. Rirection pends on the availability of consultants and individual queues (includ fin exceptions, holidays), – voicemail sett. Call record, evaluation and management of records Records allow you to use the course of the. Conversation for train, support and assistance to employees. They can also be a good material to work with a specific client. Multi-channel communication Good contact center software should. Support and collect information com from all communication channels you use and enable data analysis.

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Contacts and offers and maintain a high level of customer relations. Automatic polls They will be useful especially in e-commerce, but not only. They allow you to leave a customer opinion about the service, product, etc. Customer opinions are an List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers invaluable source of information for us. About how our company is actually perceiv. That is why it is worth acquir and analyz them and thanks to them we can change in accordance with the nes of our clients. Automatic callbacks after fail contact attempts ( callback ) Thanks to them, we will not lose any leads and we will not leave any queries unanswer.

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More customers handle all communication channels. Remember about your contacts and don’t lose your sales opportunities. Automatic call mos: prictive, half progressive, progressive : Prictive – programm dial Half progressive – the agent initiates the connection BTC Database EU on its own for sle records. Progressive – the agent supports a sle connection, select automatically by the system. When choos contact center software for programmable dial, it is essential to check which statistics the system uses to adjust the r frequency. Often unr the name of ” prictive dial ” solutions are offer that are bas on the number of dropp calls, short-term statistics of one type.

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