whether our ecommerce website is good or not


As the owner of an ecommerce website, we must know if our website is healthy or needs changes.

Therefore, The question is, what are the indications that can be used for us to decide whether our website is ok or not?

Because we use ecommerce, every decision must be referred to the data.

We usually get this data from google analytics .

So in this post I will comment on what data we need to see to determine whether our website is ok or not. Healthy or needs to be upgraded.

Conversion rate is the rate of traffic

Let’s say for every 100 visitors who enter our ecommerce website, 2 people buy.

This means that the conversion phone lists free rate of our ecommerce website is at a rate of 2%.

A healthy ecommerce website, the conversion rate is at a rate of 2% – 3%. If it is less than 2%, we need to do something to improve our website.

Therefore, Bounce rate is the rate at which visitors leave the website without doing anything (click on a link, search, etc.).

Let’s say here are 100 visitors entering the website and 80 people leaving the website without showing any other activity, then the bounce rate of our website is 80%.

The normal bounce rate for an ecommerce website is around

Among the things that contribute to bounce rate fluctuations are things like loading time, and the quality of content on our website.

This data will inform us how many website pages are browsed by traffic on our website

Therefore, The normal page per visit for an ecommerce website is around 2.5 pages per visit.

Giant e-commerce websites BTC Database EU like amazon recorded a page per visit of 9.8.

Average page per visit : 2.5
Average session duration
There are times when our website only has 1 page (single product).

So we need to look at other data besides average page per visit.

Average session duration is data that measures how long a visitor stays on our website.

This data can change according to the length of the content on our website.

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