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Customer has ma a call? How to monitor the quality of calls and the time of solving a client’s case? How to report the daily activities of employees when each of them works from a different place? Many business owners are asking these questions today. Employees today ne good internal training bas on real cases (conversation recordings will provi materials here), precisely construct conversation scripts for individual types of conversations (complaints, information about the shipment, up-selling of additional products or services), and the possibility of hints by a more experienc employee during the conversation with a difficult client is still unrestimat. Let’s make the work of our employees easier, and they will build a positive customer experience.

Digital accessibility is must have

Today customers are much more willing to use other contact channels than telephone – SMS, chat, e-mail, Facebook Messenger. Simplifying this Iran Mobile Number List communication and providing the possibility of contact in any way chosen by the customer is a must have today. Leverage multiple communication channels with real customer nes in mind for better business results. We are sure that in 2021 more companies will not only take advantage of the possibility of multi-channel communication, but will also look for new tools to automate routine activities and increase control over communication in various, also new channels.

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From working on hard data to unrstanding

Customer nes livering a better customer experience means truly unrstanding what matters to them. This is possible only by observing and analyzing customer behavior and tracking their journey. Business processes and projects In my experience BTC Database EU working with process mapping companies one And that, in turn, requires technology that gives consultants context and insight into the full customer journey, and enables managers to make strategic cisions about service quality and spe. Therefore, the emphasis on monitoring the work of consultants, reports and data analysis should be even more visible this year.

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