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How to create run a support group on Facebook? KAMIL SLIWOWSKI TECHNOLOGIES Location sharing from your smartphone – get found CONTACT THE ITOR michal.serwinskifrsi.orgl SHARE Facebook Twitter. LinkIn E-mail Printing subscribe Connect with guest. COMMENTS AUTHOR OF THE POST Michal Serwinski Michal Serwinski Journalist culture expert by ucation. Professionally associat with the third sector for years. He gain experience, in the Anna Dymna Foundation “Mimo Dobrze” the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). Co-founr board member of the Amplifier Association. Managing itor of the . blog. He advises social organizations on fundraising, communication, marketing the use of new technologies.

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Intelligence – the game for the ucational throne. Bartholomew Polakowski Bartholomew Polakowski February , CONTENTS Benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI) in ucation Scalability of ucational programs Personalization of the Nigeria Mobile Number List learning process Automation of basic processes Content optimization Resource saving Flexibility of ucational content Availability of ucational content Artificial intelligence teachers ucators. Together or against each other? Artificial intelligence ethics The future of artificial intelligence in ucation Artificial intelligence in ucation the role of governments AI ucation how to prepare for the upcoming changes? The history of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in ucation dates back.

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Since then it has been gradually

Integrat into various aspects of ucation. In recent years, there has been rapid progress improvements in this area – morn ucational platforms have begun to adapt to the nes of users, various tools automate the sign production of ucational materials, intelligent BTC Database EU chatbots (ChatGPT) are becoming the main source of information. The first trainings creat by AI are starting to appear around us. Everything seems to indicate that we are facing not an evolution, but a real revolution in ucation, which will turn the existing processes, roles responsibilities upsi down.

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