The retail market is slowly being eaten up by the ecommerce market

Therefore, Want to sell unique items with your own brand? We can go to alibaba.Com and select the product we want to sell. We can put our brand on the product & packaging and entrust the factory in china to make the product. We pay to alibaba.Com, get the goods then alibaba releases payment to the supplier. Happy
Aliexpress – don’t want to keep stock? Don’t want to bear the risk of the product not ending up under the bed? You can use the alidropship system for ecommerce either using the alidropship or oberlo plugin for shopify.

Therefore, Wholesale directly from china – got a lot of capital? Can directly fly. Therefore, to guangzhou to see for yourself the products that can be brought home to be blown up in malaysia.
4. An ecommerce starter guide already exists
I remember when I started playing with ecommerce around 2009. At that time, I had to learn everything myself from the internet. Make and fail and make and fail. Many times.

Sometimes we think we know

Therefore, We read books, read blogs, attend webinars but still no direction.

After more than 8 years in the world of phonelist ecommerce hands on. Therefore, I wrote an ebook titled secret ecommerce funnels as a fundamental to be read and inspired by ecommerce players who just want to play with ecommerce in 2018.

Read more about this ebook here


Therefore, The retail market in malaysia in 2017 only recorded an increase (growth) of 2% compared to 3.8% in 2016. Even though there are many external factors such as economic factors, increasing costs of living and so on, we should also not close our eyes to the explosion of the e-commerce industry. And online business in malaysia.

Imagine the habit of malaysians who BTC Database EU usually buy in supermarkets now changing to the habit of waiting for sales conducted by lazada, 11street, shopee and the like. Does it contribute to the stunted growth of the retail industry in malaysia?

Therefore, Perhaps because of that concern, we see many large and well-known retailers have started their own ecommerce channel initiatives. We can see mr diy, guardian, kedai buku popular, decathlon and many more starting to open their respective ecommerce units.

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