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You can easily integrate your tool with Google  Outlook An example is Salesforce Inbox, which allows you to connect Gmail and Outlook mailboxes with contact data stor in Salesforce and your calendar. Similarly, the Lightning Sync module enables easy and secure synchronization of contacts and events between Salesforce and services provid by Microsoft and Google. As a result, the work is much faster, and you do not have to constantly switch between different tools. image source Easily download data from multiple sources Your company has probably us various data storage tools in the past, customers.

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Wizard comes into play . This solution allows you to download up to , records at a time. The only condition is the data storage format Salesforce only recognizes CSV files. If you store your data about clients and campaigns in Excel, Outlook or Chile Mobile Number List Google Drive you can easily convert them to CSV format (MS Excel supports this file format) and then quickly upload them to your Salesforce. image source Daily updates If you ne regular insight into a certain type of data, you can automate this process and set daily updates in your panel. This socall dashboard refreshes . When are these updates useful? Let’s say you ne to analyze the revenue report every morning or you want your team’s activity report to be sent automatically at the end of the working day.

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Can easily set specific updates on specific days and times. image source Process Builr This is another very useful feature available in Salesforce. Process Builr helps you automate business processes in your company bas on simple if/then rules. In this BTC Database EU way, you can spe up many daily activities relat to the processes that take place in your company. Examples of processes that you can automate with Builr inclu sending s, sending custom notifications, posting information in the chat, submitting records for approval. image source _process_automation/process_builr Use document templates Salesforce CRM allows you to create readyma patterns (socall templates) for various types of documents.

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