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The best ias benefit from financial support of up to , euros, office space, mentoring professional consultancy.In addition to this program, ICK also organizes other competitions with the same mission, such as: Startup Weekend, focusing on the intensive program to learn the basic components of business how they can start a startup.The call center industry, like other sectors of the economy, has suffer due to the situation caus by the Covid panmic. The turbulences that have been affecting the operation of businesses and consumer choices for some time have also affect the labor market. What is the effect? There is a shortage of employees in Poland, also in call contact center partments.

Shortages would disrupt their business

In a Fortune survey of CEOs, said workforce/skillsĀ  in . In the same study, as many as of responnts said that recruiting employees is one of the biggest challenges of their organizations. More than half claim that retaining employees in the Netherlands Phone Numbers List company will be a similar problem. On the other hand, according to vire research, employee turnover in the SSC/BPO sector reach nearly . It is obvious that this state of affairs has a negative impact on the budget and results of many companies. How to al with it and meet the changing labor market? Below are a few ways to attract and retain the right employees in call center partments.

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There is shortage of call center employees

Tips to al with it Recruitment and what next? Give candidates a clear picture of the position being offer We often make one mistake at the very beginning BTC Database EU of our adventure with our company. While it is unrstandable that recruiters facing talent shortages want to hire new employees as soon as possible, we must remember to provi the employee with brutally honest information. If we want to ruce the level of rotation in our company, let’s think about how the recruit candidate sees the position in question. It is important that the challenges that await this person after taking up the job are present to them before taking up the job.

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