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Wezom develops individual tools that allow you to solve clear tasks for your. Business work according to your criteria requirements. But there is an optimal set of functions that should be. Implement the ability to place an order online by calling or filling out a form; quick access to the menu to immiately place an order from your personal account or application; instant. Calculation of the cost of the order taking into account the delivery services of the courier. Personal data filling tools; real-time. Information about changes in the status of the order for example if it is being process the courier is already carrying it or the order has been cancel; information about the courier who delivers the order; information about.

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The client navigation map for the. Courier with the ability to contact the client; tools for. Communication with the manager allowing both the client the courier to interact. There can be many more functions. It all depends on your. Requests nes the food delivery Qatar Phone Number List automation system has flexible settings is creat individually for business requirements. We create a CRM system for business with a guarantee. Your CRM system will not let you down. We guarantee the quality of our products train your employees provide post-release support. Stages of CRM. Development for a food delivery company At Wezom the food delivery system is being develop in several stages.

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Specifications We study the features of the business your nes the nes of your. Customers competitors. Bas on the data we draw up a work plan terms of reference for specialists. Design Development The visual part of the application is being prepar not only BTC Database EU the graphic style is being thought out but also the placement of the components. CRM for delivery service should be understable for all users. The layout of the system is being done. Programmers select a stack of technologies write code. Testing launch Each function is check for operability the security system is test the load work in different modes are check. The task is to create a complete imitation of the client’s activities go through the entire chain.

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