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A lot of it, you can get lost and not mention all the elements. Thanks to configurable scripts built into the system, every consultant knows what to say. He won’t forget anything. After talking to a consultant, some recipients ci to buy. Since this means concluding a distance contract, you must meet most of the information obligations specifi in the Act on Consumer Rights. Long list. Again, it’s easy to make a mistake. Therefore, the consultant starts the machine that plays the record formulas. The recording has been meticulously check and you can be sure that there are no errors in it. While the recipient listens to the recording, the consultant gains a few minutes and can al with the administrative part of sales service.

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Category As it happens in the life of a telemarketer, the recipient sometimes ends the conversation with the words “please don’t call me again”. The consultant hangs up the phone, selects the “do not call” classifier. Using a previously fin automation Exit Mobile Phone Numbers rule, the system places the recipient’s data on your “Robinson list”. Therefore, two functions of your system already protect against a call to this particular recipient. Note, however, an important difference – the classifier is assign to a given recipient. When data is synchroniz, the client’s CRM has access to it. A blacklist entry, on the other hand, is a separate copy of the recipient’s data stor in your system.

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A blacklist will protect against disaster At the end of the working day, your system synchronizes contacts with the client’s CRM. spite the integration, they do not fully “get along” with each other. CRM for some reason let the “do not call” classifiers (a case known from our experience) and BTC Database EU re-sends the data of over a hundr recipients who have clearly said “no” to the callback. But your system compares each recipient’s tails with a blacklist, your internal “Robinson List”. Let’s emphasize it once again – our own, built-in, inpennt of the client’s CRM. If the recipient is on the list, the system will not allow him to be contact, even though CRM gives the green light.

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