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Nextbike is a lear in the provision and operation of self-service city bike rentals. The systems of this operator are present in over cities around the world. In Poland alone, the operator records a significant increase in the number of city bike users from year to year. Since the launch of the first Polish system (in June in Wrocław), the increase in rentals has been almost cascading – in the first half of Nextbike bikes were rent . million times, as much as in the entire . Hence the ne for a solution for mass customer service . BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Increase in the number of applications Nextbike customers contact the company in various matters, such as: inquiries about forms of payment for renting a bike, using.

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The balance of the account (funds for renting a bike). Questions flow through many communication channels: telephone, e-mail or contact form on the website. When the number of notifications receiv daily exce fifty, it became necessary to List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu implement a morn system that would facilitate and organize the handling of notifications. SOLUTION: Streamline service with a mass customer service solution How to improve the work of the customer service office? In cooperation with Focus Telecom, two solutions were us in parallel: Increasing the gree of self-service , rucing the number of incoming requests: thanks to special tools, customers could now handle some issues on their own, without contacting the service office.

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Integrat with the bike rental system. Improving ticket handling : the main tool was Focus sk , a system for ticketing tickets and mass customer service. How does Focus sk work, thanks to which the handling of reports from cyclists has become much BTC Database EU easier and faster? A broar scription of the system can be found here , and below this information in a nutshell. Focus sk system in a nutshell Automation of simple activities : the system itself registers incoming requests (so no request can be “miss”) and sends confirmation of their receipt. Clear service rules : each request, after being receiv at the service office, has the following fin in the system: a) priority (in other words “urgency”), b) service date, c) responsible employee, d) plann further actions. Timeliness of service.

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