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How to ensure data security in the company? Take care of building awareness and responsibility Research shows that the most common cause of data breaches is the unconscious actions of users. As many as of attacks start with just one click, we read on the aleBank portal, a website specializing in providing information on the economy and the financial sector. An example may be the leakage of data of people participating in the census via the Internet conduct by the Central Statistical Office. One of the employees of the office ma a mistake that result in the disclosure of addresses of several hundr people. As we read on the website of the Niebezpiecznik portal a Polish website promoting safe use of the Internet “Perhaps the lack of proper training meant that she didn’t know.

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Because it sends everyone another message that mail clients outsi the senr’s domain ( Gus’s) simply ignore.” Regularly making employees aware of the risks to which the organization is expos by incorrectly using the systems or data ma available to Czech Republic Mobile Number List them is one of the key ways to protect sensitive data in the cloud. Cloud security and access control Another way to ruce human error is to velop appropriate procures for controlling access to data process in the cloud. According to the RLock Cloud Security Intelligence report, of organizations have unintentionally shar data at least once. Proper management of access rights to specific services or folrs can significantly ruce the risk of such situations.

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The cloud is here. Data security in the cloud who is responsible for it? Research conduct by Gartner clearly shows that by as much as of incints relat to BTC Database EU the security of cloud systems will be caus by user errors. Unfortunately, they are often convinc that the service provir is entirely responsible for the level of data security. Is it so? Well, not necessarily. pending on what type of services the company uses Software as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service the responsibility for securing individual elements lies with the service provir and the client, respectively.

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