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For efficient service, the company uses the Focus sk ticketing system , integrat with the customer database and orr history. The company’s headquarters is only km from the center of PoznaƄ, but there is no access to the fiber optic network, and the internet connection is not fully stable. The quality of the connection is sufficient for trouble-free e-mail and chat communication with customers, but difficulties arise when using Internet telephony . During conversations with customers, there were breaks in connections, which was uncomfortable for both customers and employees, and in the case of less patient recipients – l to cancellation of the orr. The company us a “hybrid” solution.

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Through the Focus sk platform, but phone calls are automatically rirect to mobile phones. When answering a call on a mobile phone, the employee simultaneously and automatically displays the history of contacts with a given customer on Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List the computer screen. After the conversation is over, its result is record in the ticket handling system. spite technical limitations (no possibility to use VoIP technology), the company conducts fully multi-channel communication with customers. Case – remote service of a sales representative The property protection agency communicates with clients via the Focus Contact Center platform. It uses telephone, e-mail and chat channels.

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Conversations in the company. The solution us so far was the transfer of calls regarding the principles of cooperation to the trars’ cells. However, the solution was not perfect, because after the conversation, no summary of it remain in the system. In this way, some potential customers were lost, who had to be contact again after a certain period of BTC Database EU time. Therefore, a variant of communication was introduc in which customer service via a mobile phone takes place on the Focus Contact Center platform. Sales representatives talk to customers, and at the same time, all the collect data of the interlocutors are display on their computer screen. Except for conducting calls on the road – of course via hands-free kits With one click, they can start writing an email to the customer, and easily conduct a conversation via chat.

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