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The Focus Contact Center system integrates incoming outgoing telephone communication as well as e-mail chat. Thus, the full picture of the history of communication with the customer is visible from the level of one platform, which additionally eliminates the problem of distribut applications. But what if the company is not able to give up the applications us so far for some reason? System integrations can be another challenge when implementing new tools. The Focus Contact Center system has been sign in a flexible open way has an extensive API. It is distinguish by great ease flexibility in integration with other CRM solutions, marketing automation, ERP, logistics systems, e-commerce platforms, bt collection systems, databases other systems or tools such as Teams or Facebook Messenger.

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Platforms for mass communication via SMS offer their clients a whole range of advanc functions, but managing rules sendings is not always easy. The Focus Contact Center system offers intuitive management of SMS communication both in the area of ​​customer service as well as in the field of marketing sales. The range of functions Israel Mobile Number List us is adapt to the nes of the company, while the general activities that can be carri out by sending SMS in the Focus Contact Center system are: sales , sending offers to customers when the contract ends, customer service , sending an SMS with information about the time of orr fulfillment, activation of the base , sending an SMS with a reminr about the ending promotional period, customer opinion surveys , surveys us to evaluate individual processes.

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Companies can use mass SMS tools in different ways. The most common examples inclu activation of the database through the cyclical sending of invitations for service visits or special campaigns periodic promotions. As part of the SMS sending tool, we can also plan automatic communication to the customer in accordance with his purchasing BTC Database EU cycle. For example, we can schule the sending of an SMS a month before the end of the promotional period or a week in advance, as well as sending an SMS after the end of the promotional period with a reminr about the possibility of taking advantage of the offer. When planning an automatic communication calendar, we no longer have to worry about its implementation. What’s more – the Focus Contact Center system provis reliable reporting bas on complet shipments.

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