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Thanks to this, the entire service process will. Take place in the system, which will prevent data loss and enable easy monitoring. In orr to maintain service standards, people with a Light Agent account are not able to communicate with the customer. Through the complaint handling system thanks to this, no one who has not unrgone appropriate training in working with the customer can contact him. Because such an account has less functionality. It is cheaper than a “regular” account, which will help you reduce the costs of your company’s call center . The combination of the “Light Agent”, task functions and automation will allow you to efficiently organize subsequent lines of support and complaint handling.

Keeping to adlines The complaint

Must be consired within calendar days. Not a day moreAssigning adlines to each stage and task within the complaint will make the complaint handling system watch over them and “rush” with reminrs . ) Any SLA policies You want to serve VIP. Customers Macedonia Mobile Number List faster, and some goods require immediate reaction and sending to the service. You will organize such matters through freely set SLA policies. Thanks to which you will set special (or standard) rules for handling complaints. For example, a complaint from an “ordinary” customer will be consired within the prescribed days, but you want to serve a VIP customer better that’s why you consir his complaints in three days.

Phone Number List

Alerts Automatic notifications about

Events related to complaints are the basis for supervision over their efficient handling. Relevant people in your company will receive a message, for example, when a complaint is. Received from an important client, when the adline for one of the tasks has BTC Database EU expired, or when new threads appear in a given complaint. You can set all notifications in the. Complaint handling program yourself when they will be sent, to whom and in what form (eg SMS or email). ) Ability to handle multiple products Oh clear? Not at all not all complaint handling software allows you to easily handle complaints about different products.

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