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Focus Telecom’s clients inclu companies such as Provint, Warsaw-bas Veturilo bike rental and the cathlon chain of sports stores, as well as companies from the insurance, financial and mical sectors. – We have many years of experience in help our clients stay in touch with their customers. Now we want to transfer our knowlge to the automotive sector – says Tomasz Paprocki, director of corporate sales at Focus Telecom. This is a good time for this move, because the automotive industry – and alers in particular – are at an important moment in their velopment. Effective sales and contact with customers are more and more mand – and they ne support. – Gone are the days when the client came to the salon on his own.

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In addition the alership market is strongly consolidat, and alerships manage an increas number of showrooms, often sell many brands. And all Greece Mobile Number List this takes place in an environment of chang methods of acquir and maintain customer relationships. The laws of market have chang dramatically, and so has the communication culture. – In the meantime, with contact with alershipsit varies. We often notice that it is simply impossible to reach them by phone. The organization of telephone traffic is simply poor – says Paprocki.

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Challenges for example, multi-channel service, when customers will want to communicate with the aler not only by phone or e-mail. The problem with today’s aler communication systems is their dispersion. Separate phone for service, separate for BTC Database EU sale, the phones r all the time – even when the employee is serv the customer, and the r phone tells him to choose who to ignore: the customer who is call or the one sitt in front of him. – We propose to reorganize communication and put it in orr. We offer a mol bas on the establishment of a call center, a telephone switchboard , to which all telephone traffic of the station is connect in an absolutely tight manner – says Paprocki.

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