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It is therefore worth highlight a few important elements of liver “excellent customer experience”Customer experience vs. Proactive customer service Mov from passive to proactive customer service is the future. It consists, among other ths, in creat certain nes in the customer’s mind, which he has not been aware of so far, and as a consequence, it encourages him to take advantage of the products or services offer by the company. These changes are driven by new technologies and tools. Bas on the customer profile and information collect about him, agents will be able to more effectively increase cross-sell sell products to the customer bas on their previous purchases.

Companies that look ahead will be successful

Psell persua the customer to buy a more expensive or so-call “higher-end” product. Thanks to morn contact center platforms, such as Focus Contact Centerthese processes are automat. By authoriz the number, the client ceases to be anonymous. We Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List can connect him with a dicat person on the basis of Skill Profit Bas Rout, prioritize, give VIP status. The consultant has access to the entire contact history – customer preferences, problems and nes – which have already been not, without the ne to discuss them again. Us the callback function, it connects to the customer whose call was not answer or dropp dur the conversation. In the fight for the customer, the and it is them that the customer will choose from among many suppliers.

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Availability Agents should have more

Opportunities to engage with customers, regardless of the time and where they are. This is possible thanks to the use of the latest communication channels. In the future, the call center employee will be locat less and less often in centraliz contact BTC Database EU centers, and work in home offices will become more common. Such a work system offers greater flexibility and accessibility for both the company and employees. Employees are more easily reachable, even outsi of standard work hours. Dur a break or time off, when the ne arises, they have easy access to efficiently answer a question, help a colleague or finalize a customer transaction.

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