How Ecommerce Businesses Work That Can Imitate


What is meant by database here is prospect data and customer data.

Yes, both are different and should be used differently.

For ecommerce businesses, we have no problem managing these data because almost 99% of the management is automatic.

For normal online businesses that receive orders via whatsapp, management requires a manual method.

It’s crunchy but in my opinion it must be done by all business people.

The trick is to copy (copypaste) customer or prospect data into a spreadsheet software. Make sure the data at least has the customer’s name, phone number and email. Can also include what products are bought and the like.

Automation is a sexy word to ecommerce business

For ecommerce people, they want to automate all the work in business. From stock pickup, packing, delivery, to marketing.

Something that can be automated means it is scalable.

So, try to find what work can be us phone number list automated in your business.


Use email marketing to interact with customers

3. Sop
Even for normal online businesses, it is mandatory to have a clear sop about the daily workflow so that the daily workflow is organized and easy to copy (copypaste).

Imagine when we want to add staff. We just need to give them the sop and don’t need to explain many times to him.

Facebook messenger bot to reply to general questions from prospects


Many people who do online business use their fanpage or instagram account as their only online business identity.

What happens if suddenly facebook/instagram is closed or the server has problems for a month.

Are we willing to lose business for a month?

Therefore, business owners must think BTC Database EU about having their own website or blog.

From this website or blog as well, we can enter useful content that will bring traffic from search engines such as google and bing.

One of the advantages of using an ecommerce system is an automatic inventory system.

Just enter the data, then the product quantity will be deducted automatically when there is a purchase of the product.

For online businesses that do not have a system, we still need to record every movement in and out of the stock of products sold.

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