Especially for ecommerce business


Oh yes, it can also be converted to a funnel shape. See the diagram below.


This is a common buying process in any ecommerce platform.

No one cares about this process so far.

It has been taken for granted.

Only now, ecommerce players realize it has tremendous potential.

This extraordinary potential is what I will cover in the secret ecommerce funnels ebook later.

Sales funnels are the future
Sales funnel is a new strategy that can be used by any ecommerce website to increase sales many times over.

If you have read the post 3 fundamental ways to increase sales before, you will understand.

Sales funnels are a strategy to increase the average order value (aov) per customer for ecommerce websites.

What if we change the purchase process from above to something like in the diagram below.

Will sales increase even if the number of traffic entering

The product offered as a one time offer has the following features:

It is a complimentary product to the product in the customer’s cart. Imagine fries and coke water to a burger product bought at mcdonalds.
It’s a one time offer (at a special price and only for that customer)
Customers do not need to re-enter the address & payment info. Just click a button.
Now do you agree with me that usa telephone book sales funnel is the future?

In 2006, amazon recorded a 35% increase in sales as a result of this strategy .

If you have an ecommerce website, especially shopify or woocommerce, I am very excited to help you try this new strategy. Before that, please register your interest for my soon-to-be-launched ebook, secret ecommerce funnels .

Ads will become more and more expensive. We will become stressed and start to give up.

Would we buy something from someone we never knew

Try to calculate all our daily expenses.

How many transactions do we BTC Database EU make every day with people we meet for the first time?

Eat? We eat at the restaurant we usually eat at.

Buy kitchen items? We buy at the store/supermarket we usually buy or the brand we usually hear about.

Buy online? We buy on websites whose brands we already know.

We rarely take the risk to buy from people or stores we never know / or brands we never trust.

So the time has come for us to apply this knowledge to our business as well.

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