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In each case, you will receive an appropriate notification and you will immiately learn about a potential problem that requires your attention. Reports and statistics All operating parameters of the system and each consultant that you see live are sav. You will quickly collect the data you are interest in and create a report and charts from them directly in the system, or export them to an MS Excel file. In this way, you will immiately see which employee stands out from the rest, who ma the most calls and which the least, who you should reward and who you should motivate . Call mos Automatic calling mos are not so much a way to monitor employees as they effectively occupy their time and thus prevent idleness.

The system itself gives the consultant

Client to call. What happens next pends on the mo of operation: Preview – the consultant cis whether he wants to al with a given client and when he will call him. Progressive – the consultant must take care of the client specifi by the system: the Guatemala Mobile Number List connection is automatic, and the interval between subsequent calls is fix in advance (30 seconds). Prictive – a mo bas on elements of artificial intelligence, which works like progressive, but adjusts the rate of calling to a given consultant. Bas on previous calls, the system “learns” how long such calls usually last and establishes. another connection when the consultant ends the previous one.

Phone Number List

Thanks to this your employee receives

Ready call without wasting time dialing the number, waiting for an answer and “bounce” from the voicemail. In the progressive and prictive mos, the consultant has no time to be idle – if all parameters are set correctly – he performs his work at BTC Database EU the optimal time. Gap control Do you know such a situation? – the consultant has finish the conversation with the client, looks at the watch, stretches and says “who’s going for coffee?” And at this point, half of the employees get up and go for a break. Every employer knows the risks associat with such a situation, especially when its frequency is high. How to avoid it? Your call contact center system should inclu functionality for assigning breaks to employees.

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