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The SMS channel can be integrat with other communication channels available in the Focus Contact Center. This allows for a smooth  ways. CCH is currently implement a project where the customer replies to a text message and the call center automatically calls him back. Functionality: HLR (Home Location Register) Mak calls to inactive numbers or voicemail, CCH incurr high costs and consultants wast time. The HLR functionality ma it possible to exclu incorrect and inactive phone numbers. The use of HLR increas the efficiency of calls by approx. – and significantly improv the efficiency of the agent’s work, while ruc RBH (work time). In addition, the HLR function allows you to termine which operator a given number belongs to and thus ruces the cost of outgo calls.

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Functionality Prictive dial Us Prictive Dial, calls are automatically initiat and, when ready, transferr to a consultant, which saves a lot of time. It is an effective solution for a company with such a large number of agents, because it optimizes the Norway Mobile Number List team’s activities and ruces the time of its work. Functionality: Alerts and messages The manager does not have to log in to the system to receive information and control the effects of consultants’ work. Alerts and messages allow the manager to fine KPI conditions (Key Performance Indicators) and the time agents are on break or wait time for a call.

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Message It has the ability to fine the types of breaks. Effects after implement FCC solutions in Call Center House: Increas sales effectiveness at the level of Increas the efficiency of connections by approx. – Greater efficiency of consultants’ work Improv BTC Database EU communication and service quality ratsWhat will be the future of the call center ? New technologies have dominat the call and contact center market for a long time. This is not surpris. Innovations significantly improve the work of telemarketers, increas its efficiency. This, of course, translates into results, so in this industry it is simply worth invest in technological improvements.

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