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Profit plus a satisfi customer – great! The service must be multi-channel – your customers want to contact you in different ways and they don’t like it when you don’t let them. They may have a preferr contact channel, such as email, but % of people change their communication channel pending on where they are and what they are doing. The most important factors in customer service – bonus: the fourth factor As a bonus, note that you had the choice of language at the ticket machine . This ma it much easier for you to buy a ticket. Customer service in their own language is an extremely important factor when you want to sell your products or services in foreign markets.

Also no the cashier didnt speak English

While the machine had the option to choose English. Translating it to your company – not all your consultants or salespeople ne to be multilingual, while the system you use to contact the customer should have the option of tecting and Anhui Mobile Phone Number List selecting service in a given language. If you want to learn more about these options, read this article about internationalization and tools for international expansion. Service comes first Self-service, time and multi-channel – and multilingual – are the words you should pay attention to when communicating with your customers. And the slogan “the customer is always right” remains valid: according to Gartner, % of companies currently compete primarily on the level of customer service.

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Gamification is strong and current

Trend in the morn world, serving the involvement of the client and the employee. Skilful introduction of game elements allows you to change boring and routine activities into interesting, pleasant tasks, for which rewards await. What is it and how can BTC Database EU gamification be us in a contact center? First, the finition. Gamification , gamification , or gamification – from English gamification , is the use of game elements in contexts other than games, primarily in the workplace. It is bas on the mechanisms that cause pleasure in games, that is, for example, overcoming obstacles, achieving goals and receiving prizes. Gamification – stupid fun or a serious phenomenon? Games are associat with fun and casual entertainment, so is there a place for them at work? To answer the above question, let’s take a look at the vio game market.

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