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Overview of a websites various tags Title links, URLs, scriptions, etc. The tool is call Screaming Frog SEO Spir . Its free up to a certain volume of pages, but isnt particularly expensive to purchase if you feel you have an ongoing ne. There you can immiately see which pages lack a scription and which text is specifi for the other pages. Feel free to contact me I hope you got some inspiration and tips for priorities and tools that can make the job of SEO a little easier for you. If you ne further help or are interest in learning more, just contact me and we can see what I can do.

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This is how you do a webinar! by Magnus Äng updat This is how you do a webinar! Webinar is one of the best methods for Lead Generation , especially for BB Marketing. And it is a good combination for your search you value for your work. All Phone Number List you ne to conduct a webinar are the participants, a computer, camera, your headset and a program to stream. Then you can switch up when youre ready with better camera, microphone and lighting. Here we go through what you ne to conduct a webinar and get value for your SEO! What is webinar? Webinar resembles a seminar, a lecture fix in digital form.

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You conduct a webinar in front of a camera instead of content, they remind each other. You invite your audience to watch a live webinar or a prerecord one. During the webinar you present your content, for example a presentation PowerPoint, Google BTC Database EU Presentation, etc. or show something on your screen something on your web browser, for example a website or a program. During a live webinar, your participants see you in real time and you can then let the participants participate by asking questions via chat. Why hold a webinar? There are several and they are Lead Generation.

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