How to Design a Marketing Strategy for 2018

Many are gossiping, maybe in 2018 the market will start to recover. Oil prices are on an upward trend, the ringgit is on a stronger trend compared to the dollar, and the economy is usually more stable after the general election (due to less speculation & polemics). Whether the market is getting better or not, we still need the best marketing strategy to face 2018.

The question is, how do you plan a strategy so that sales in 2018 increase from 2017? How to confirm that the strategy will be effective?

I asked the same question when I was at bookcafe.

When I was given a sales target for the next year

How to achieve this sales figure? On paper it looks easy, but in practice it is not easy even though many people take it for granted.

Since I didn’t have a sifu at that time, so I made a hypothesis of my own like this.

If this year I do a + b + c = get sales of x value,
Must get more sales than the value phone number lists of x as a result of the contribution to d.

Logical right? It’s simple math!

This hypothesis comes from the phrase “You dont change a winning formula” and the same concept I learned from football. Don’t change the main line-up and keep the formation that always brings victory.

When I have a little knowledge

Only then do I learn to do analysis as well apparently. Between a, b, c, which brings the most sales? Focus & improve near there. Pareto principle.

If you don’t have a website, create a website & install a facebook pixel.
If you don’t have a customer BTC Database EU database, create a customer database, then upload it to facebook to create a custom audience.
If you don’t have email marketing, start creating email marketing – this is the cheapest and most effective marketing method
If you haven’t tried adwords, try learning and creating adwords – many people don’t realize the potential of google adwords

Hopefully you can get some ideas from my simple sharing.

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