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Assistance at the migration or implementation stage. If you are replac a landline PBX with a cloud solution or you are implement a virtual telephone system from scratch, technical support is necessary, but it largely takes place “in the background”, on the provir’s si . You should only provi a proper internet connection. And phones, more on that in a moment. The provir’s specialist will also help with all this – he will advise on the requir connection spe and configuration of work computers. ) Assistance in transferr numbers and assign new ones Port numbers is simple and the whole procure is on the si of the target operator, but if you ne support, you will get it from the service provir. However, the support will be most useful to you when assign new numbers and choos a presentation.

The phone number you present to

The customer can have a serious impact on your success. Example? Helpline – you rather want to have a “nice”, easy to remember number, preferably one Indonesia Mobile Number List common for the entire company. It is also a good practice to configure employee accounts in such a way that they present the general number of your hotline when they call the customer. In this way, the customer does not have to remember several company numbers, it will be easier to call you and he will be more satisfi. The task of the virtual PBX is then to rirect the call to the appropriate consultant.

Phone Number List

You can read more about the use

Of number to increase the company’s results in this article. ) Configuration of the virtual PBX and telephones We also have a separate article about the configuration of the virtual telephone exchange ( you can read it here ), but it is enough to BTC Database EU mention that it should be done in close cooperation with the provir’s specialist. Thanks to this, you can set everyth to work as you want. In addition, the help of someone who knows the virtual switchboard from the insi out has additional advantages: each ICT system has its own specificity, and know about certain tricks or possibilities invisible at first glance will be very useful in mak full use of it. In the case of telephones, they will be set up at your service provir’s office.

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