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Overloading the infrastructure may result in slowing down the platform’s operation, in the worst case – the total failure of the entire system. The effects of this are quite easy to imagine: starting with a wave of negative opinions, through unrmining customer confince, ending with painful financial losses. What can you do to prevent this? . Perform load performance tests. They should reflect the behavior of users during increas traffic as faithfully as possible. Thanks to this, you will be able to discover possible problems in advance properly prepare for failure-free handling of the increas number of entrances during Black Friday. A second lay in platform response can result in a % drop in conversions. Therefore, if your e-commerce earns PLN , a day, a -second lay can mean the loss of potential sales worth over a quarter of a million PLN per year.

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Mobile vices. The audit of Polish m-commerce, which we conduct together with Google, shows that the conversion rate on smartphones is about % lower than in the case of shopping on a computer. Taking care of the shopping experience of mobile Senegal Mobile Number List customers can therefore be a relatively simple quick way to increase sales stout from the competition. our service Mobile Audit Go to the service . Remove obstacles from your customers’ purchase path. For over % of buyers, one bad experience is enough to start using the services of a competitor. Examining visualizing the customer journey will allow you to step into the shoes” of your customers intify critical moments that negatively affect their experience.

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Tweak to ruce cart abandonment increase conversion on Black Friday. marketing strategies for Black Friday in B B Once you are sure that your shopping platform will withstthe increas interest of users, you can start thinking about how to attract BTC Database EU them to you. For this purpose, it is worth using popular marketing strategies us on Black Friday in B C adapting to the purchasing process of business customers. How to do it? . Promotions discounts Discounts are a proven way to increase sales in B C. However, in B B, a low price may not be enough to attract the attention of new customers. Excessive discounts may even work against you, evoking associations with poor quality.

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