The cloud when it comes to the contact center


Queu allows you to inform the client which place in the queue he occupies and what is the estimat wait time for a connection with a consultant. While wait for a call, the customer listens to music or an advertisement, he also has the option of leav a message in the voicemail. In this situation, the inform client remains calm, even if he has to wait a long time then the consultants will not have to al with the socall ” difficult client” who has been upset. More sales, faster service thanks to call rirection, the customer goes straight to the appropriate partments, and even to people with specific skills and knowlge. The way to get help is significantly shorten.

Calls from important people are always

Answer thanks to algorithms that set calls from key customers and specially mark people as the first in the queue, and simpler solutions rirect calls Thailand Mobile Number List from top customers to a dicat number. Shorter call wait queues in situations of particularly long queues, some calls can be rirect to people from other partments or work outsi the company. How does queu work? The customer calls the company Hears an automatic greet, call wait, then music Dur this time, his call is rirect to the appropriate people and is either answer immiately or waits in a queue until one of these people can handle the call (ends the previous call or other activity that prevents the call from be answer immiately.

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If none of these people answer

He call within a certain time, the call is forward to voicemail. Rirect to groups In point the call is direct to a group of users ( from the sales partment or the customer service office) who are assign one common number (urban or extension). pend on the BTC Database EU system configuration, a given call is rirect accord to one of the follow strategies group , . to all people in the group when there is no queue, the call will be answer by the most eager person, when there is a queue the first person to end the previous call this solution gives the greatest guarantee that the call will be answer before the customer hangs up, but not allows you to specify which agent is best for a given connection to go to.

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